Core Team

JJ Hepburn

Co-founder and Managing Director

Bathurst, Australia

JJ has over 10 year of management experience in a range of industries from construction to market research. He has enjoyed being a participant, then organiser of the AI Safety Camp and co-founder of AI Safety Support. He enjoys building infrastructure for collaboration, asking big questions and a good dance floor.

Frances Lorenz

Operations Manager

Hamilton, Canada

Frances has experience organizing an effective altruism group at McMaster University, and has been particularly focussed on AI Safety, exploring it through her independent research and undergraduate thesis. She is now shifting her focus to fostering a sense of community and support for AI Safety researchers.


Aryan Yadav

Aryan is a first year student and The University of Bristol and is organising the EA group there. He is interested in AI Governance and is managing the AISS newsletter. You can contact him regarding feedback on the newsletter here.


Linda Linsefors

Co-founder and Advisor

Lund, Sweden

Bradley Tjandra


Sydney, Australia

Robert Miles

Board member

London, UK

Abdelrahman Ahmed

Board member

Sydney, Australia