AI Safety Support



AISS provided me with valuable, personalised advice on how to get started in AI Safety. The team was very personable and thoughtful in their approach to the initial meeting we had. I came away with a list of actions and felt motivated to pursue them.

Conor - Software Engineer

I was very uncertain about which topic to choose for my Master's Project in AI, but I had to choose on a very short notice. I spontaneously scheduled a meeting with JJ. We had an interesting conversation about career planning, which helped me a lot in choosing a topic.

Konstantin - Master's Student AI

For me, it was a huge leap from considering AI alignment one of today's most important causes towards considering myself someone who can help with this huge and complicated problem. AISS has helped me greatly to tackle my underconfidence and develop concrete next steps for getting into the field.

Severin Torben Seehrich - Life Coach, Community Organizer

JJ was very friendly, patiently listened and gave me helpful advice (e.g. how to best profit from my work environment to do AI safety research, how I should view the relationship with my PhD advisor...). He encouraged me to be less risk-averse regarding my career to be able to have a greater positive impact. I highly recommend talking to him!

Walter - PhD student

About AI Safety Support

Our mission is to reduce existential risk from advanced AI by providing support for anyone who wants to contribute to work on the project of AI Safety. We are mainly focusing on helping new and aspiring AI Safety researchers, because we think that supporting this group is a neglected problem. But we are happy to talk to anyone regardless of career status.