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AI Safety is a new and fast-growing research field. This means that everything is a bit of a mess. If you are new to the field and feel overwhelmed or don't know where to start, we recommend contacting AI Safety Quest for guidance.

Alternatively, just have a look at the highlighted links and ignore the rest. 

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AI Safety Research Groups

(Many of these groups do a combination of AI Safety and other X-risks.)

There are many academic and independent researchers, who are interested in AI Safety, and who are not covered by this list. We are not going to list specific individuals publicly, so please contact us if you want to find more AI Safety researchers.

Technical AI safety

Organisation working on both technical safety and capabilities

(These orgs employ people who are doing valuable technical AI safety research, which is good. But they are also employing people doing AI capabilities research, which is bad since it speeds up AI development and reduces the time we have left to solve AI safety.)

AI governance

AI companies which also does some safety work, both technical and governance

Forecast and strategy