Feedback Events

We are no longer running these events!

We host Feedback Events - what are they?

An individual or group briefly presents their AI Safety related work and then engages in free-form discussion with participants. The goal is to facilitate high-level discussions. To do so, we have decided to keep these as invite-only rather than public events to ensure participants have a working knowledge of the field.

Check out our blog post which describes our goals for Feedback Events in more detail.

How can you get involved?

Join as a participant

If you're a non-beginner with concrete knowledge in AI Safety, consider filling out this short form and joining our mailing list for Feedback Events (you can always unsubcribe). This isn't a commitment to anything, we'll simply invite you any time we host a Feedback Event!

Host an event 

If you’d like to host a feedback event and present your work (with AISS taking on all the organization and facilitation), please fill out this form. We will email you with the suggested date and details. If you approve, we’ll email our mailing list to invite participants.