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AI Safety is a new and fast growing research field. This means that no overview of the field will be accurate for very long, and everything is a bit of a mess. If you are new to the field and feel overwhelmed, or don't know where to start, you are always welcome to reach out.

If you think something is wrong or missing in our lists, please let us know!

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(Many of these groups do a combination of AI Safety and other X-risks.)

There are many academic and independent researchers, who are interested in AI Safety, and who are not covered by this list. We are not going to list specific individuals publicly, so please contact us if you want to find more AI Safety researchers.

Technical AI safety

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AI companies which also does some safety work, both technical and governance

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Currently open

  • CEEALAR / EA Hotel is group house in Blackpool, UK which provides free food and housing for people working on Effective Altruist projects (including AI Safety), for up to two years

    • Applications are currently open on an ongoing basis

  • The Center on Long-Term Risk Fund (CLR Fund)

    • Applications are currently open on an ongoing basis

  • Long-Term Future Fund (LTFF)

    • The funds currently implement three grant rounds per year, with the following deadlines and decision dates:

      • 13 Jun 2021, decision by 9 Jul 2021

      • 3 Oct 2021, decision by 29 Oct 2021

      • 6 Feb 2022, decision by 4 Mar 2022

      • 5 Jun 2022, decision by 1 Jul 2022

      • 2 Oct 2022, decision by 28 Oct 2022

    • All dates are at 11:59pm, Pacific Time. Please note that these dates are subject to change up to a month before the application deadline.

    • In addition, the Long-Term Future Fund can evaluate time-sensitive applications more quickly.

Currently closed